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Do you know what ''chuchotage'' is ? It is a type of simultaneous interpretation. The word itself has a French origin, meaning "whispering". Chuchotage is about speaking in low voice, right to the client's ear, without using special equipment. If you want to try it - just contact our agency.

We also provide the following services:

  • written translation as it is quite popular nowadays. We do it in different directions – from foreign language into Russian and vice versa. The variety of topics we work with is quite broad;
  • technical translation. We deal with translation of specifications, user manuals. The field of disciplines is quite extensive: physics, chemistry, metallurgy, construction, medicine (drug leaflets, sick-leave certificates, medical books, recipies, patient histories, etc.);
  • interpretation. We can do simultaneous interpretation, interpretation of telephone and business negotiations, seminars, trainings, meetings, films;
  • translator-guide services: tours for foreign guests, translation of documents – we translate civil documents, business documents, perform notarization of our translations.

Our advantages are:

  • quality of translation;
  • following the deadlines;
  • confidentiality of information;
  • document safety;
  • on-line work with the clients;
  • affordable prices and special offers;
  • range of convenient ways to pay for the order.

You can contact us via phone, Skype or ICQ. You can calculate the cost of the order yourself – detailed price list is available at our website. Or you can just send the documents by e-mail, and our managers will contact you and inform about the precise costs and deadlines.

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